Patience, Patience, Patience

The most significant piece to complete any skill.

Imagine for a moment. If your body didn’t understand patience, breathing would be hyperventilation. Your body wouldn’t understand what it meant to wait until you finished the exhale.

Picture if your mind couldn’t learn patience. You would quit everything from relationships, projects, exercises, even thoughts. To see change, you must plant the seed, give it nourishment, and watch your desires reach the light.

In 2019, I starter an LLC for my company, and still to this day, it has gained no progress. This is not because I am doing anything wrong, but I am still developing to do it right. Having a background in the most straightforward proof of a change, which is fitness. I understand how ten reps won’t bring any difference without the proper foundation built on patience.

Dedication is patience in action, while patience is the potential of those actions. You can not be dedicated if you are not patient. I work on robotics, product design, app design and i am self taught in all these areas, yes i will get a master and bachelors for the reason of credentials, but I’ve had the dedication ( patience in action ) to learn all of those on my own. Yes i do get clients that i work with also in these fields.

I do two hundred to three hundred pushups squats and calf raises a day. This is not just a fitness thing, for me, it is to strengthen my resolve, aiding my dedication. Pain makes you aware of more than you want to admit. It also reinforces your focus faster than anything else. Mixing pleasure and pain will triple your results. I know from experience.

Take this though for a moment. We all look for the path of least resistance, but what if what you desire is the opposite direction. Pain causes high resistance because we perceive it as discomfort, changing your perception, and placing your dedication to transforming pain. You now see pain as the path of least resistance and align yourself with your desire, reaching it faster than you would have if you fought against the pain.

Patience is the outcome of using your tools to bring desire into fruition. Like, comment, share if you enoyed this post, because you never know who may need to hear this.


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