Cardiovascular healthy

Aerobics with anaerobic’s

Aerobic fitness doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out run. You don’t actually have to run at all. There are some benefits you are giving up but sometimes the trade off is worth the reward. What is areobic fitness. When your heart and lungs can provide sufficiently, a stream of oxygen to your muscles. Oversimplified but to the point.

The more fit your heart and lungs are the more consistent you can stay, but if you increase the output over the heart and lungs efficiency, then you end up gassing because energy cant get out of your cells fast enough from the process of breathing. You over breath and you are causing the hemoglobin to bind tightly to your reb blood cells. Keep this up long enough and you will blackout. Its call hyperventilation.

The human body will adapt to what it is put through. So if you push it more often to this zone over your arobic fitness, you activate the anaerobic system. Which is energy without oxygen. Activating this system can strengthen both the aerobic and anaerobic.

How to….

Cross Fit

Corss fit is a great way to do this. This is because any high-intensity activity will cause the aerobic system to reach its limits faster and then the body will activate the anaerobic system. This should be done in the guidance of an instructor to avoid injury, so i wont go into to instructions on it. Check your local gyms for instructors if you like to do it.

HIIT( High Inensity Interval Training)

Five exercises



Quick feet( run fast in place)

High knees

Jumping jacks

These all are done for twenty seconds each, no break and at a moderate pace for beginners and as fast as you can for advanced. Repeat at least five times. With a thirty second break after every five exercises are complete.


I worked as a personal trainer at Title, and I’ve worked with others at various gyms. Boxing is a complete aerobic workout that builds aerobic levels. Plus, you’ll do a lot of aerobics, running!!!!

Fitness is a large part of your mental health. The longer you stay in shape, you increase the possibility of a longer life. As always. Like, share and comment, because as a unit, we grow.


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