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My name is Marselle. My story begins in a Manhattan hospital. I was raised in the Bronx, New York, by my mother with a lot of help from our family. Watching my mother struggle to take care of us made me understand what poverty was, and I grew up with the desire to inspire. I joined the military in 2009 and served in late 2014. during that time, I deployed to Iraq for a year tour in 2011. Upon ending my active contract for three and a half years, I became a professional boxer mid-2012. Wining six bouts and remaining undefeated and serving in the national guard for two and a half years after my active obligation. I became a personal trainer and would train and teach, always looking to spark the light for others to believe, but as enjoying as it was. I wasn’t making the impact I felt was needed. So here we are. Everyday wanting to bring quality and some level of value to the life of as many others that will listen.


I started forward motivation to bring the understanding and inspiration I have gained from the experiences in boxing, personal training, and years of personal research and meditation. To want to bridge a gap for us all to share knowledge and understanding openly as ourselves to reach our goals mentally, physically, and spiritually. May it be physical or spiritual wealth, the answers come to those who seek them. The bigger picture gives higher answers than a focus on it.


Inspiring has been something I have done since a child, so I decided to take up arms with my voice to inspire others as a motivational speaker. Friends, family, employers, coworkers, owners, and children, having a goal is only one part of success. Just as great men and women have stood for change, not just spoking out in the shadows. I, no matter the time it takes, will achieve a louder voice to promote a significant difference for our health and wellness. Tomorrow isn’t the time, it is now. 

Change is more than words. You must put in the work, Nothing will work if you can not stand with it. Time and dedication equal change.

Feel free to email me with any questions or booking to speak to your school, company, or individuals.

Always keep reaching,



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