Mind and Body

The choice to empty your cup.

My first post in mind and body was on the body, second was on the mind. Both explained some research and gave some exercises to benefit each, but we didn’t answer, which is more important to develop. You had time to think about it after reading both. Now we get to the truth. They are equally as important, but if you only had ten minutes to choose one to do, I suggest always going with the mind.

Tools will always be tools. They can continually be improved or restored. The mind, too, is a tool, but the difference there is without the mind, you could not use, let alone see that realization. Depression and all other illments are in the body, but come from the mind. Develop the mind out of the standards you have been conditioned to and you will find the time to develop the body, you will find more time, to devlop the mind further, and you will make time to accomplish anything.

Your body doesn’t say, I dont, I cant, I am not, I am hurting. Your mind does because you have developed it to see pain as pain and not just a signal to bring attention to growth. Attention is life.

Attention is all

What do i mean. Think of this. When you were happy, why were you. Oh because my friend said something nice, or my lover’s smile, or maybe because I found my purpose. You probably smiled at one of those suggestions that resonated with you. Now think about them again, but this time don’t pay attention to them…? How?


It isn’t possible to compose without the very composer, the mind. It is the beginning and the end. Attention is the muscle that the brain uses to accomplish this composition. Poor concentration will breed unhappiness, and misappropriated attention will further that suffering. Causing you to seek only pleasure and avoid conflict,

But i don’t know where I am going, or what I want to do. Thats not poor attention, nope its misappropriation of attention. If you dont know now, how will attenting to it make it better, it wont. Avoiding it will make it worse. So what do i do, you take action. That doesnt help because i still dont know. Lol. Risk is growth. Taking a chance going the wrong way is better than waiting to choose a direction. Time is not eternal in humans, we will inevitably die.

Change to your perception to see truth

This quote is very famous and very true, but With a change to perception you can see more to this quote then what the obvious underlying statement is. life is a journy and not knowing where to go can be perceived the same as an empty or full cup. To have direction and not choose is similar to asking a second question and not answering the first. Which could be the same as not having a direction but also not choosing one.

Some of you I’m sure will go full defense and say wrong, but I never said right or wrong, only change your perception. Understanding cannot be grasped if you hold on to the perception you want, and not the one you are looking to understand.

Thank you for reading and as always, like comment and share because you may not, but someone else may perceive the answer they needed.


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