Stability is too balance as life is too…

Hello to all who may read. Life has a healthy way of teaching you through failure. Failure is part of the essence of growing. Always look forward to your failure, even as they break you down. You cannot rise to new heights without past failures.

Argue that point through your mind’s eye, and you will see the truth in what I have said, but there is a balance that always is desired. If you’re try something for ten years and fail every day, with no success, this is just foolish failure. You would never fail that long and not gain some level of skill because that is only the definition of insanity.

Find balance, it’s your stability.


So how do you find that balance. It’s through the constant change of the variables that did not work through your efforts. Let’s take exercise as an example. You train reach your goal, but still feel like you haven’t changed, so you exercise harder and longer for more time a day, That spans for months. Still no change. You have lost weight and are toned but you still feel the same.

You have changed yes, but you didn’t answer the original question before you started exercising. You started exercise to feel good. You now look good, but still don’t feel right. Why is this, I don’t know you tell me. Did you start exercising to feel good about how you look, or to mentally feel good. Well, if you are still not feeling it, then maybe it’s mentally you should have worked.

Finding this balance between success and failure will bring stability that will bring an understanding that makes you feel at peace throughout your days. Why is that? Well find your balance and you’ll see what I mean. It is easy to tell someone of gifts but for them to attain them their selves they must go through their own trials down a path that becomes darker the closer you reach truth.

Like share and comment because what may have been misunderstood maybe clear to the one that needs it.


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