Cardiovascular health

The heart and it’s thoughts

We all too often become entrapped in the idea of fitness. Toned body, better skin radiance, weight loss. Why climb the tree if all you seek is the beauty of it’s fruits, that answer should be easy to answer.

Fitness is the same way. We reach for goals of vanity and accolades, that bring us praise for our accomplishments, or because the life we’ve taken for granted, is slipping through the very lips we receive our grace.

Why should we exercise, if not to feel better about ourselves in this life, because your fitness, mental and physical, should be your life. Shaolin monks make fitness a habit. No I am not claiming to know this is true, I am only saying the image we hold of them is. So why not find a balance to life similar.

Having a family and a connection to the world is something I believe we should all have, so I am not suggesting go off and become a monk. I am suggesting incorporating the devotion they are said to have, to yourself. How can you walk a mile in the shoes of others if the tools you use just barely get you there.

Aerobic fitness

Your heart is the most important aside from your brain. All other parts of the body are there in support of these two organs as they are for the rest. Thirty minutes is a minimum and there are different ways to accomplish this goal. The frist is running.

Running not only develops the heart but the lungs. Running will skyrocket your mind and body, but it takes time to grow, and as hard as you’ll work to gain progress, taking a few days off can strip you of the same success.

Running intervals

This is a great way to build cardio and some power in your legs. To start, find a track or someplace you can run at least a half-mile. If you don’t know how far this is to download a run-app that tracks your run. I’ve done this to run, and those days you forget to charge your phone, you’ll still know how far twelve miles are.

No your not going to run twelve miles, i did. You should run no less than 3 miles. If you have never run before then run a mile take a break, run a mile, take a break and run your last mile.

The exercise

Jog, near sprint, jog, near sprint.

You want to start out just jogging. Split each mile into three parts and run near sprint speed at the end of each of those three parts for every mile. This will increase your leg endurance as well as your stamina of your heart and lungs.

Other exercises

Down and backs

If that is too much for you then you can do down and back sprints a shorter distance, 100 to 200 hundred feet. This will build explosive power in your legs and increase you’re cardiovascular faster than just running.


This is the second easiest way to run. Eighty percent of the time, you run at a slower pace than usual, and the last 200 feet, you sprint as hard as you can even as you start to slow from muscle fatigue you pushed until you reach the end of the 200 feet.

Slower than usual would be, if you run a seven-minute mile, run an eight-minute mile and, in the end, try to keep a six-minute mile for the 200 feet. This will be extremely hard but stay with it and you will see results as I did.

As always, my friends, like share and comment because you never know who needs to hear this and follow me for next weeks expansion on more ways to increase your cardiovascular fitness


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