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Life seems hard, but so does exercise, until you get more durable, and than hard again when you try to increase from there. There are tremendous pains we go through…. no, there are enormous pains we put ourselves through!

Create it, do not allow it

You are the creator of all of your happiness and sadness, I believe. Whether you believe it or not. I tell you to close your hand, you! close your hand, I tell you to sit down, you! Sit. So how did I! make you angry? how do I! Break your heart? Yes cause and effect, but you are the cause for the impact on your mind. I can’t crash your car talking to you while you drive. Just as i can’t affect you unless you allow it.

Insecurities are triggers we can affect!

When you are sad, do you sit and wallow or do you get up, get out, and do something. Just as if you change the frequency, you change the state. If you change your mind, which has a frequency, you can change your mental state. So do you.

Repetition can be seen, in one way, as the mother of growth. As a mother nurtures through out the growth of life, until the nurtured becomes the nurturer. So if you are going to repeat anything, why not the positive. Why not ruminate, although hard in your first attempts, on how beautiful the sunrise is or the fact that you can see it.

Why be addicted to these negative emotions we are so used to feeling, when they, just like life, is impermanent. Every beauty and any hatred you feel will flow just like energy in a closed system, and to covet anything is similar to trying to control, or not allow yourself to accept.

I am sorry, but change will happen no matter your beliefs, but you can believe you can hold on, and you can, but consequences are what you will have to accept the moment you lose grip. if you are strong enough in your beliefs to handle that then you should be fine, but this is for us that are not. We crumble the moment we feel pain. The brain activates the same neural network for mental and emotional pains, just as physical pain, so if you repeat them, then its like hitting yourself in hand with a hammer throughout the day.

Click image to read, only one bit of research on, Emotional and physical pain firing the brain similarly.

I leave you with a contemplative poem i wrote.

If I can make the sunrise,
and the moon set.
To bloom the peddles,
to which I count my thoughts something special,
Through this setting roseate view.
I am dreaming, but!
What is life? If not the collocation of the individual dreams accepted and lived through.
And isn’t purpose nothing more than dreams we seek to bring into reality,
As too love becomes the muse feeding purpose!
May these answers ever be?
But just as it is true to love.
The answer is not the inception of their truth.
The Bakir has, and always will, start with the belief.

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Developed actions and beliefs, can create a reality you desire.
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