Mind or Body

In a world with so much to do and not enough time, we must choose. Mind or Body. Which has a more significant benefit? Well, let’s break it down, then see what we can do to develop them.

Developing the body

We use the body for all sorts of things. Strenuous things like exercise, dance, and material arts. Simple things like writing, singing, brushing our hair or teeth, or romantic things like a touch, a kiss, or making love.

The body is one of our tools to experiencing the world. To taking care of it is the best way to see the world as a miserable place. To experience the world through only sight and imagination is no different than experiencing the world through simulation.

You don’t have to want to be an athlete to stay in shape, and you don’t have to work as an athlete to obtain results. Light work is still working. What follows are simple exercises that should always be done with proper form and control. Injury can occur it done improperly.

To start, buy a 30 to 35-pound weight, or find something equivalent. These exercises work on the areas most underworked. Which are the upper back, mid-back, rotator cuffs, lower back, and the gluts.

Upper /mid-back Curl

This is the position except for your needs. Weight comes to head level then back down curving the abdominal until the weight is almost to the ground.

Get on your needs. Hold the 35-pound weight to your abdominal in both hands. Curl slightly forward, while the weight is still at your abdominal level. Now arch your back while raising the weight to eye level, then back to your abdominal.

Repeat this for 20 to 30 reps 5 sets, with a ten to twenty-second break between sets. If this is to much do three sets.

Bent over flys

The rotator cuff is essential for your neck and shoulders. The weak rotator cuff can add too or be the cause of neck pain. This exercise is done with the weight again at your abdominal in one hand. You are lifting from the elbow. With the weight at your abdominal and your arm at a 90 degree (thumb facing your body holding the weight) lift from the elbow while curled over at the waist. Bring the elbow to your chin level as if you were elbowing someone in the face.

Repeat this 20 reps three sets. The rotator cuffs can get damaged if you overwork them, so take it easy.

Pelvic thrust or Glut bridge

Lay on your back with the weight on your abdominal and your feet flat on the floor. While holding the weight, pulse your hips from the ground to a bridge position, then back down without allowing your gluts to touch the grown.

Repeat the 30 reps, 5 sets.

All these exercises can be modified to avoid injury, and lighter weight can be used to build up. Depending on your fitness level, these can be done five days a week.

The next post will be about mental exercises to develop the mind. As always, like share and comment because you may be the reason for someone’s growth.

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