How do you make it to the tip of the mountain, reach the end of the road, or simpilar and smaller things like, study all night to pass a test, get up for work everyday, or love someone for your life.

It all comes down to dedication. Every time you push through something whether difficult or not is based on how dedicated you are to make it to the next step. How would your body take another breath if it wasn’t dedicated to breathing for you.

Concentration is to Dedication…

Dedication and concentration go together but you are not truly dedicated if you are not gaining progress. Dedication is the consistency to come back to something until it’s completion of a predetermined level, and concentration is the acoumulation of focus over a predetermind period.

As I have said before in my post, contemplation is the most incredible tool we have. It can rouse our spirits in either direction for action. Now taking these definitions and contemplate there and you can see their connection.

For the people that are sequential, like myself, I will put it in steps.

Steps to be dedicated

1. Find your chosen focus

2. Designate a time to it a day. 30 minutes should be the bare minimum and build upon that.

3. come back to this focus of action everyday until you reach the level of success you would like to acquire.

Simplicity is life and secrets bring complexity, take that with a grain of salt for it is only a metaphor. Like, share, comment, why you ask. Well, motivation is a spark, and your soul is the gasoline. Set someone’s soul ablaze.


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