Finding yourself

Hello to all and everyone. What does it mean to find yourself? But wait how can you find something when you know not what you are looking for. What about yourself are you trying to find. Could it be your age, simple but you only have to add from the start to the present. How about your experiences. Then contemplate on the first things you can remember to the present of what you do remember. Maybe the one we all seek, what is our purpose. Well that is something you can only find through time and application. No matter how many times you add it up, you’ll find this is the only way to find purpose.

You can live forever and still not know what your purpose is, because application is just as important. If you add either without the other, you will search until your very last breath and never make a true step forward. Think I’m wrong. Go out and experience life without a thought of why and you will only understand when you ask the question. Knowing this won’t save you from losing all the things you wish you never lost, but it will strengthen you for all the things you will gain and inevitably lose.

Losing is the best part of this game

Life is gaining and losing, like energy is rising and falling. The earning and loss is more perceptual. You only lose if that’s what it is percived as. You’re probably saying, but I lost 20 dollars, that is a loss. I lost my mother, that’s a loss, or the most recent. I lost my job, that’s a lose. Again all perceptual. Yes it is a physical lose but think about what would you have done with the money, paid a bill, bought some shoes, saved it, or if your mother lived ten more year’s and passed, but she had dementia and cancer those years.

How about your job you lost. You complained everyday how you hated being there and wanted better. How you don’t like you’re bosses and some of the work, or even better you loved were you worked because it gave you security even though it wasn’t the best place to be. If you dive into these you can see how if you change your perception to them how they all become a benefit, how? This is why I say contemplation is a great tool, if not the greatest tool to use that we unconciously use. Taken in conscious control is a gift you will be proud to have developed.

Perception is you’re Reality

Let me show you how your perception is your reason for your smile and your tears. My brother passed away two thousand and fourteenth. It hurts that he is gone but I remember many nights I would hold him as he caried night after night. His death hurts me because I coveted his life, but his death gives me peace as morbid as it sounds. Only because I don’t know what’s after life but as long as I perceive death as something positive. I can believe the truth or a lie because what I don’t know is left to my perception.

My friends, live you’re life free, and when you are bound by the desires you have not attained. Contemplate and you will realize, but not at first, I have been looking for something I long have found standing beside me, guiding me. While allowing me to walk my own path to find it, for it I have found is me. Born strong and free.

Like comment and share. For these words that have touched you, may be what evolves another’s understanding.


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