The kindest souls perceived the darkest pains.

Nice people finish last, love always hurts, forgetting your smile in the service of seeing others smiling, live the darkness wishing to be free, I can go on, but if these invoked emotions in you, you are probably what they call an empath. I am not going to give you a woo, woo explanation as I love science and philosophy. Science being at the forefront but philosophy guiding a free flow to a formed answer that is shapeless.

Wired for Pain

Life is frequency, and in order to achieve what you want you have to resonate. Definition of resonance ,

”The reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object”

Empath’s are not a select few people, they are everyone. An overactive amygdala can be the reason for some to feel so strongly, and if it’s highly negative an over active left amygdala could be the issue. Read this article on the amygdala and research more into it and just maybe you’ll find some answers and relief.


Freedom is the way you release these emotions. Oh is that obvious, yes it is, and that is the answer and similar we are given when these issues come. If you are not using this energy as fuel, or letting it go, then you will always be were you are.

Think about this. Two people go through the same situation of losing a family member. Both cry, both are hurting daily, but both do not respond to the pain the same. Yes I’m sure they both would like to respond the same, but one won’t allow the thoughts to take them too far off, while the other willing goes down the rabbit hole.

I am not saying be one over the other, I am saying be both. I myself hurt, but I allow myself the time even if it’s a day, to complain, cray, hate, be sad, depressed and everything we all know we’ll from pain. Then in the next few days I use the greatest tool man has, contemplation.


One definition of contemplation is ”The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.” We all do this daily, this is how you prepare for a presentation, rehearse for a part, study our notes or feel the pain we want to escape. Yes mastery of contemplation is the difference between life and death. It goes by many names but it all is the same. Guided visualization, meditation, focused thought, depression, trigger points, auto suggestion, visualization, etc…all forms of contemplation.

Find what you are hurting about, and watch your mind create the story for you because it has become a habit, even if the situation is different, you have rehearsed or contemplated on this a number of times making it as natural and as automatic as breathing.

The hard part

Changing your thought, your contemplation. This is the hardest part. We take the path of least resistance and if for years of hurting you have created these brain cells that make it easier to do the opposite of what you want then, you will do what feels natural, even if that is something extremely negative.

I will tell you it is easy, but like all things truly beneficial it is simple. The only question to answer is will you contemplate that energy you place as negative to help you show them you are more or keep you bottled, to believe you are less.

Like, share and comment because you never know who may have needed to hear this.

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