Not the easiest thing to do but the easiest thing to understand. Manifestation starts with the body. Yes this is just like all the other manifestation post and teachings your probably familiar with, or is it.

Manifestation starts with the body. You are a consciousness in a body, and all of your actions and reactions are not from your mind, yes they were put there by your mind but they are from you body. Let’s take an example, I recently went through some deep heartache. It hurt me deeply and burned so much and yet my mind felt completely fine.

A Simple Understanding

I asked myself all the questions that I knew the answers to and still didn’t stop the fire. Like I said you are a consciousness in a body and your consciousness is unbound. Your body is what puts up barriers. When I say your body I’m talking about your Brain as well. I did a few days in a dog training class, and what I learn added to what I believe I understanding in other areas.

The dog will never listen if you are not firm, no matter how you feel. No matter how much you want to do these certain Things, you must try to do less or you fear the risk of untraining them. This doesn’t mean not to do them, just try to do at the appropriate times to make a clear distinction. Lastly the most important, you must always repeat. All life grows through some form of repetition and these lessons, I believe, was the reason I was in the class.

True manifestation

You have to do something to make mental changes physically. This is what I mean by manifestation. You want the body, the mind, the life, the friends, the wealth. This happens because you put the effort into doing something not wishing that something would happen.


1. To start all this you need the energy to do it. The brain receives 20% of the blood in your body. Deep breathing affects this dramatically, this topic I could write a whole subject on breathing, but I am laying out guide lines only.

2. After or during your breathing. You have to continually bring your mind back to what is your focus or you will run down a trail of familiarity, and not always is this the best path to follow, as we all know. This path is were some depression stays and you follow it only because it feels right at the moment.

3. Repeat. There are the keys to true manifestation. You cannot give up because you believe it’s not right, you cannot give up because it feels better, and you cannot give up because of the burn. If you knew your whole life and still lived it the same, why would you allow depression other than it feels right. Please drive through the flames, I do everyday.

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