I will

ask the question, how do i, why is better, why, reason, funny dog

I will is a strong statement we claim and can’t back it up at times. I will should be more than words, more action-based. Waiting or patience is essential but dangerous. The events in the world lately are showing just that. If I will is your words to procrastinate, you will know from your level of success in your chosen area. How successful you are is determined not by the long list we’ve been made to believe but by simple factors.

How do I succeed?

ask the question, how do i, why is better, why, reason

To ask a question is a gift, like a child’s curiosity. This is the inception or muse to the problem, and once you ask the question, you can contemplate a solution. Try this. You woke up assuming if you are reading this, but what if you did not. What from yesterday do you wish you could have done. What would you have done if you knew that you wouldn’t see today, who would you want to have seen, held, kissed?. This is curiosity. Now use a potent tool, contemplation. Watch how your mind expands to these questions. This is how you induce your very own guided meditation, and down the rabbit hole, you will go.

I will

Using what I just told you to shape your “I will” is genuinely beneficial. Saying I will do this can holt your motivation, unless you are saying i will to push through, like hitting that last rep or last mile. The mind believes you will, so it steps out of the way, but asking the question can be more helpful if you aren’t acting after telling yourself I will. So instead of I will be more productive, then no action to be more productive. Ask the question, how, why, what for, etc. Will I be more productive and you will take your first steps to change anything.

ask the question, how do i, why is better, why, reason, impossible, just do it

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