Educate yourself

I’m standing at the top of a mountain looking at the vast spread of other peaks high above where I stand. I know how I reached my hight, but I have no understanding of how to reach the next. My desire to achieve high brings me such discomfort, such sadness, because how can I be content in a world I have not explored.

This short story is how I see myself and others living our lives, and my answer to it is to educate yourself. I don’t mean in the sense of go to school or even get a teacher. I am speaking about through self-study and application of what you have studied. We often aren’t happy with where we are. Instead of educating ourselves on why and how to reach passed, we sit and wait for a change. Yes, changes will come like time, even if you do nothing but ask yourself, is stagnation the change you want. 

Waiting implies reason, reasons like relaxing, recouping, rehearsing, etc. It is developmental. These ideas to wait are healthy, but waiting without some form of contemplation is waiting lost. Moving from your state to one filled with more is done through education, as the story at the beginning tries to explain.

how do we?

I can’t speak for all, but financial stress is a significant factor to many. To benefit financially, you need to not only educate yourself on how to manage money but also how to manage your emotions. Think about this. Why do you spend money? Christmas, for others, birthday, for others, vacation to relax, and altogether to enjoy and allow others to enjoy things life has. To have more won’t make you any happier, it actually could make you worse. 


Sacrifice is one way to control your emotions. Go without and watch how much you will save, but this won’t give you financial freedom, only emotional freedom, and a high starting point to investing in yourself. Find a course in something that can save you money. Save for it, and you just have increased your income, without losing more time. But this is only middle-class living. You must get money to work for you if you want to become wealthy. I’ll go into more detail in a future post. Check-in and like always like, comment and share because you never know who may need to hear this.

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