Dreams, Goals, The future, never quit, dedication, belifes

I wake up and have for years, driving for my dreams. You learn so much from pushing for something with all you have. You get burnt out, depressed, and always on edge. I was trying one thing after the next and the third. I’ve taken up many different things. I became a soldier for six years, did a year of college, became a professional boxer and personal trainer for eight years. I Gained many different skills to get a little closer to my dream every day.

Driving for your dreams is like holding you breathe. You can always add the one second after stressing everything to keep holding your breath for one minute but realizing its in the breathing, not the holding where you propel forward. Breathing causes a chain reaction for energy release, supercharging the body to move forward and make the changes your mind conceives. We believe we only have one life, so don’t hold your breath, afraid of failure, or never seeing your dreams come true. Instead, breathe because, with a change of perception, even failure feels so good.

Having glory without failure is only a matter of time. Where failure teaches, success blinds. It’s like the question and the statement, asking why did I fail, and I failed will drive you in different ways. Always ask yourself why and the contemplation of the question will bring you to the answer.

Dreams, Goals, The future, never quit, dedication, belifes

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