Muscle Imbalance from Nutrition

Lack of sleep and lack of exercise aren’t the only factors to account for. Your diet is a big part of this equation as well. How can your vehicle run properly when you always give it the wrong fuel and improper care. The body is no different than a car. You can expect proper or even high performance from your body, but having high-performance parts aren’t enough. 


Maintaining the health of the muscles for the actions you are using them for and daily routine is a must. The muscles are as plastic as the brain. You lose them in the accumulative moments you don’t use them, but your diet allows your tissues to heal, relax, and contract. You get an extra ten to fifteen percent of contraction form proper nutrition.

Most important nutrients

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Magnesium and Calcium 

The lack of these two minerals will reduce the activity in the relaxation phase after the nerve signal is released from contraction. Meaning when your muscles want to relax, they won’t be able to completely relax. Keeping some tension most likely in the muscles that are mostly used and, in the end, causing muscle imbalances.


Here we go. Some of our most favorite are coffee and soda. I don’t drink coffee or soda. That’s good for you, but caffeine is in more than these two, let’s see, chocolate, ice cream, breakfast cereal, pudding, hot chocolate, headache medicine, and the list goes on. I drink a cup of coffee a day, but you are getting more caffeine than you think. If you aren’t checking the ingredients of what you consume, you have no idea how much caffeine you truly are ingesting or even in the none ingestible products you use like some conditioners. 

Caffeine will stimulate the nervous system and cause tension. It will also increase urination, which causes more loss of magnesium and calcium and creating further stress. Your body is always looking to replenish, so it will take it from your bones, causing this trickle-down in your body. Consuming from the next system will only further retard all other orders as enzymes will pull minerals and nutrients to rebalance the same. But as the second law of thermal dynamics states, a closed system will always move towards entropy. Meaning your beautiful working muscles are tight and causing more issues because you have lost too much of the necessary ingredients.


You’re probably thinking I don’t ingest phosphorus, but if you drink cola, you do. So surprise you get a double the bang for you the pleasure. I guess no desire without sacrifice is valid in all areas.

By no means am I telling you to cram a bunch of magnesium and calcium and stop caffeine and soda, I’m not going to, but as all things are in life, being aware of what you need and creating a balance with what you want is the most important.

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