Muscular imbalance

muscle imbalance, pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, muscle, soreness, tension,headaches

As the title implies, this week is about muscular imbalance, but not of the entire body but of the most crucial part of the body, the lower back. The lower lumbar is the most underused muscle in the body, we are sitting for most of our day, and even when standing, we don’t have great posture, and the muscle weakens, So weak that they cause several other problems in your body.

Trigger points, or knots. This is what happens to the muscles because of several things. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor diet, cold weather, smoking, working long hours, not just at work, but when you stay up late binge-watching tv or studying for school exams, or work reports because we didn’t manage our time wise enough.

Sleep is the most important of all on the list with diet and exercise next up. I spent the last two weeks working overtime at work, then coming home working on my post and studying to improve my self and only getting five hours of sleep Every day. Also, not eating and drinking enough. I noticed when I seemed irritable when I talked to my queen. I realize all the rest I had been losing was affecting me even though i thought differently, and she didn’t deserve my attitude.

muscle imbalance, pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, muscle, soreness, tension,headaches

Lack of sleep and lack of exercise. Increased Activity in the nervous system is what happens from inadequate sleep. Sleep causes extra oxygen to be supplied to the muscles for the breakdown of lactic acid. Without enough sleep, lactic acid builds up, and this causes knots to form. These knots are small and feel like bumps in the muscles that can be painful to touch. This happens from the fascia underneath the muscle fibers tensing.

This same thing happens from lack of exercise, causing your muscles to tense and give you knots in different areas in your body, and this is a cause of muscular imbalance. 30 minutes a day is all you need, but you won’t ever take the proper steps if you never work on building the habits. More than forty percent of our actions are habitual. Start small and grow, you’ll be proud of your results.

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Check out this book and DVD of the hip flexors and how improtant they are to lossen and strengthen.

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