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If you’re reading this, you have made it to the final post of our three-part post. Proud of you, that is what these posts we’re for, to show, if you commit to staying with something small from its inception until it ends, you can scale it up and accomplish everything else just as easy. A short recap of our last two posts. Motivation, you have to find a diet that works for you and your efforts. Dedication, being committed to not just your diet and work-out routine, but your education of both and the changes of your body and mind throughout the process will further aid in accomplishing what you set out to complete.

Now we end it with lifestyle. I was a soldier in the Army. After leaving my active status, I became a professional boxer, and I Personal trained for Title, and two-time world champion Ray Olivaria, my friend and boxing coach. Fitness has been in my life for years, my father studied kung fu, and my uncle karate both being high degree martial artist in their own right. The reason I bring this all up is that exercise has to be a lifestyle choice, not just something you do. Think about any goal, we drive for it, and when we accomplish it, we sit back until an even more challenging goal comes along. Now think about the lifestyle you live. Good or bad, you live it every day until you decide to change or enhance the bad or good habits that keep you living this undesirable lifestyle.

Goals are to help you create beneficial habits. They are only the stepping stones of success, which should be making lifestyle changes, not short term results. Read my post on habits to get yourself moving in the right direction to making your routine a practice that creates your lifestyle. As always, if you found the information beneficial, like and share, because it just might be what someone else needed to hear.

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