Exercise tips – Dedication

dedication, motivation, exercise, focus, fitness goals, commitment

Welcome back to the second post of a three-part post. We are talking about dedication this time. What is dedication? Commitment. You know you want to lose weight, so you have to be committed to this change, not just staying with your diet and workouts but to educating yourself to achieve the best results from your efforts. Your body, just like information, is always changing.

If you stick with your old resources and expect to produce similar results, you will most likely be ending your routine soon, and this is because if 20lbs, for four sets, at ten reps, has given you results in three months, and you haven’t added reps, sets or weight. You will not gain any more progress because you have provided no reason for your body to grow. Stress is the start of growth for all things. How can you increase without stress to promote a breakdown or another way of looking at it, to encourage change?

How many times have you found information that had no effect? How do you know it had no effect. To tell if something has made a change, you have to try it for four weeks. Change can only happen with the most important of all things, time! From cooking to gaining strength to learning something new, commitment cannot occur just as change cannot happen, without time.

Short, sweet and to the point. Please like and share the content if you enjoyed it, because it just maybe what the one you shred it with needed, to find the commitment to that goal they have been wanting to fight for.

dedication, motivation, exercise, focus, fitness goals, commitment

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