Excersise tips – motivation

Hey guys. Exercise is something we always are told we should do, and for various reasons, my next three posts will be on the three most essential points of starting any routine. From staying in shape, clearing our minds, lose some weight, etc..
But what should we do is the question. It’s easy to say you have a problem, or you need to change this, but what is it that I need to do. Diet is number one. Exercise is great, but to be healthy and feel good is more than exercising. The body is a bag of chemistry moving around by the rivers of your body. These rivers carry the product of the body’s chemistry, which are chemical reactions. These reactions are necessary to keep not just you alive, but your mood and energy up.

Not giving the body the proper nutrients from your diet or not eating the right way and the body will inevitably gain or maintain its weight. The right way? What do I mean? Processes are going on in your body, watching how much you eat to release chemicals to adjust for if you eat too much or not enough to cause the believed proper change for your survival. The enzyme AMP kinase tells your body to store or release fat. All the enzymes in your body also need the propper signals as your body does to work correctly. The chemicals are the signals, to enact change.

So let’s get to it. The best diet, as you always hear, is the one that works for you, whether it be a keto diet, a supplement, fasting, or a low carb diet. Diet should be the first thing you look at, but I want to eat what I want. If you’ve read my Challenge of Diet post, you’ll have a method that will help you shed pounds consistently and not feel miserable in the process.
Losing weight is a challenge, but all problems have solutions. Step out of your comfort zone and find the answer.

So if your a man or women are trying to lose weight, start easy. Try this 21-day smoothie diet. it should be the first step to your routine, and drinking something good is easy and a smooth transition into the other two phases.

Excersise tips - motivation,
Click here for 21 day smoothie.
Check out the top five reasons for the green smoothie switch. Click Here.

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