Out from the System

A new year and I believe the most significant thing in 2020 that everyone should be working on is finding your way, no this is not to say quit your nine to five just yet. But It is to say start investing in you more than others. You wake up to bring someone’s dream to light. But this dream isn’t yours. It’s your bosses, the owners, and everyone above, when do you get to have success, when your next show ends, when your kids grow to adults or right before you wake up from that fleeting dream you wish would come true one day.

Read my last post on procrastination, and you’ll begin to understand that you will never reach your goals waiting on tomorrow. Accused of being too fast, and impatient, I have lived and accepted that truth, but patience needs balance. Too patient and you procrastinate, and to fast, and you are impulsive. Both will cause delays in your success but not your growth, as I said in my The challenge of Diet post, observation, and contemplation are how we learn.

Take an hour a day to invest the time in you, and learn about your passion, your purpose, then find others that do it for a living, and you can follow their blueprint to your success. Emulation is how we have come this far, stand on pride, and the loss will only be your success.

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