Fitness goals, Your Final step

This is where we have come to the final step. If you have been following up until now. You know we started with finding our reason, not just for fitness, but for your life. Since we have been talking about fitness, ill let you know my rationale for fitness. I stay in shape for my health and for others around me. Confusing, okay, let me expand on it. I have always trained to be able to defend, to protect if needed. To be an asset for myself and others around me. Life will always bring situations. If you were only that much stronger, it would have gone differently. If you could have gone a little bit further, you would have saved what you lost. If you had cultivated your mind a little more. You would have made yourself that much more resilient, for yourself and the ones, or things you have lost. Always being prepared

I was a soldier in the Army’s XVIII ABC. I became a soldier for one of the same reasons I became a professional boxer, A personal trainer, and I started this blog. To inspire change. Doing anything For someone else in mind will make you do it with more will than if it was for you. How do you think a fighter, fighting for the people, wins, even if they lose? A soldier. Fighting for their country, knowing they may not come home, can take up arms and fight selflessly. Or a speaker, with words that may not be heard, shunned, and spoken against, will still talk. This becomes a double edge when you do what you do for yourself and others, you have also found a reason to do it.

Taking your reason. Then developing structure with P.I.B.T.F and using your discipline to become consistent. Will create the most considerable changes in your life. R.P.I.B.T.F.D This is my complete method for all things in my life. R.P.I.B.T.F.D stands for, The reason pleasure is better than force and discipline. It will allow you to exploit your greatness within and find greater happiness with all you do.

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