What is Your Reason (Fitness, Wealth, Travel, a Dream)

Your reason, find your path,purpose

What is your reason? You came down this trail, not by accident. It is where you want to be. So what is your goal? Why speak if you gain no results from your words. The most satisfying of all actions sometimes are the results other times, it is the journey. I was a professional boxer. Personal trainer and an Army Solider. Training many times a day with a full-time job and doing my online college and own studying. Finding time to do all that was a challenge, but a very satisfying one. My reason was all I cared about, so I found a way to make my problem my life. Karl Popper said.

karl popper. fall in love with your problems, purpose

”The best thing that can happen to a human being is to find a problem. To fall in love with that problem. and to live to try to solve that problem unless another problem even more lovable appears.” This is the link to one of his books, The Open Society & Its Enemies By Karl popper.

We live our lives. Complaining about problems. But not falling in love with these problems enough to solve them, why? What do we always complain about? Losing weight. Gaining more income, getting in shape, or even going beyond where we are with fitness and diet. Do you feel your memory isn’t good enough? There are methods for improving memory. Here is one of the books I have read and has helped me. Unlimited Memory By Kevin Horsley.

Calm you seek, Then learn some of the science of meditation in The Open Focus Brain By Les Fehmi, Which helps me still today. Making an excuse is having a problem. So why not fall in love with that problem and solve it. Let’s be real, We exercise, not only to get in shape but to look good. It doesn’t have to be a secret. Looking good, will make you feel fantastic. Your reason is the most important, though.

aim steady, purpose, dirction,

As I said. I was a professional Boxer, and my reason at the time was to prepare for a fight. Intention, purpose, This should always be the first thing you look for. How can you build something correct with no plan, Your reason gives you this. Are you here to be inspired. Join me three times a week for another step deeper down the rabbit hole to get closer to clarity.

set goals,

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